ACCA Program

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Schooling background

At present, China has witnessed a great shortage of highend financial and management talents equipped with

international professional qualifications, and it is estimated that this shortage in fact would be manifested in fi-

gures of around 500,000 to even one million. ACCA, the acronym for the Association of Charted Certified Acc-

ountants, is the first international accounting organization that enters China, and also has enjoyed so far the h-

ighest recognition in China in terms of its renowned international financial qualifications. ACCA programs have

found their way into over 80 universities with 41,000 students who are studying for an ACCA certificate. In 2009,

ACCA in China and Shanghai University reached an academic cooperative agreement where ACCA courses

were formally introduced into relevant curricula of Shanghai University. In 2012, the School of Continuing Educ-

ation, Shanghai University shook hands with Golden Education Group to implement ACCA programs and then

welcomed their first group of students in summer 2013.

Shanghai University is a member university of the national project 211 and is a research-intensive and compre-

hensive university. Shanghai University is also known for its vigorous international exchanges and cooperation.

So far the University has established academic links and cooperation with dozens of foreign universities, inclu-

ding faculty and student exchanges. Currently, over 3,000 international students are studying on Shanghai Uni-

versity campuses.

The ACCA International Program at Shanghai University is characterized by its comprehensive curriculum con-

sisting of elementary courses in Financial Accounting of Shanghai University, professional courses in ACCA, C-

ambridge Financial English as well as IELTS courses, and relevant social practice courses in Financial Accoun-

ting and Management. The program attaches great importance to cultivating students’ professional skills in finan-

ce and management, language competence and occupational competitiveness. ACCA Program,Shanghai University

Teaching characteristics

Its unique teaching methods are mainly embedded in the following two respects: one is to adopt internationally s-

tandard textbooks written in English, learning assessment and students status management, with a continuous

emphasis on applying enlightening, practical and exploratory teaching modes that prevail in UK universities; and

the other is to facilitate students to gradually achieve the goal of growing from bilingual learning to successful lea-

rning in only one language, English, through establishing an immersive language learning environment as well as

delivering such courses as Comprehensive English, Professional English in Finance and IELTS.

Teaching plan

Students will study about 9 to 12 ACCA subjects and ten fundamental business subjects (basic accounting, eco-

nomics, management, etc.) together with IELTS course. Meanwhile, they will obtain a college diploma conferred

by the College of Continuing Education upon completing the three year program in Shanghai University. The students will be taught relevant financial management knowledge. After

three years study, students then can apply to the Universities in UK for one more year to complete its bachelor d-

egree or students may apply two more years for a master degree.

The information of the ACCA course contains as follows:

Knowledge module ( F1- Accountant in BusinessF2- Management AccountingF3- Financial Accounting )

Skill module( F4- Corporate and business lawF5- Performance managementF6- TaxationF7- Financial reportingF8- Audit and assuranceF9- Financial management)

Professional module( P1- Corporate governanceP2- Corporate reportingP3- Business analysis.

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